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A safe and

high-quality food

Fresh, healthy and delicious

We rely on strict prevention plans and protocols, which ensure the highest food safety and quality standards in all of our processes, so we can offer our consumers fresh, healthy and safe products.

From our feed, to the packaging in which we commercialise our eggs, everything undergoes exhaustive quality and traceability tests, which allow us to monitor the origin and processing of each product. 

The Group operates its own laboratory, equipped with the latest physical-chemical and microbiological analysis technology. Our team of veterinarians and quality professionals analyse and monitor every phase of production, to ensure that only the best products reach the market.

HEVO Group holds the following food safety and quality certifications:

DAGU: IFS – Animal Welfare – SAE – Facultative labelling – Producer/transformer of environmentally-friendly products certificate – ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation 

OUS ROIG: IFS – Animal Welfare – Facultative labelling (Feed based on cereals-Feed based on wheat and maize) – Environmentally-friendly product, producer/transformer certificate –

AGAS: IFS – Animal Welfare – ISO 14000 – SAE (Self-control Exporting System)