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Mission, vision

and values

Our mission

“To offer top-quality eggs”

We work to produce eggs of the highest quality in a sustainable manner, and to fulfil our customers’ needs, seeking excellence throughout our entire value chain.

Our vision

“Feeding the world”

We aim to become the leading group in the Spanish egg-producing poultry sector, through our firm commitment to the development of production models which protect animals and our environment, complying with the highest food quality and biosafety standards.

A way of conceiving our business

Our values


Animal welfare

“Chickens and eggs are first”

We raise our chickens in environments that ensure their wellbeing, and where they can develop natural behaviours. 

Our farms maintain higher standards than those required by EU and Spanish regulations protecting animal welfare. In addition, we will continue recurrent investment in our premises to improve quality and animal wellbeing standards, in order to satisfy our customers’ demands. 



“Respecting and protecting the environment to ensure a better future”

We feel especially proud that our company vision aligns with many of the objectives set out in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

We pursue environmentally-friendly production practices, promoting the use of recycled and recyclable material, renewable energy sources and preferring local raw materials, among others.

We leverage technologies and knowledge that enable us to optimise the resources we employ. We extract value from most of our farming waste products, so as to promote a circular economy.


Food quality and safety

“A safe and high-quality food”

We integrate every link in the production chain, with strict prevention plans and protocols, which enable us to control each process, in order to ensure that our products comply with the highest quality, food safety and freshness standards for consumers.



“Innovation is part of our DNA”

As a leading company, we promote innovation throughout the entire value chain, from the way we raise and feed our chickens, to the development of new processes and products that respond to new consumption demands and trends. 



“Everything in our hands”

We offer our customers an integrated service, capable of covering all of their needs regarding products, supply, range and added value.


Social and local commitment

“We owe ourselves to our land”

We support responsible production in order to protect our environment. We make the most of every resource provided by our rural habitats to produce the raw materials of our feeds, contributing to generate stable employment and wealth in the communities where we operate.


Our people

“A big family”

We believe that people and their talent make all the difference. Therefore, we base our daily work on the active and cohesive participation of all our employees, to achieve our shared goals. 



“Giving our best”

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our activities. This is an integral part of our philosophy which has a very positive contribution to achieving the highest quality in all of our products.