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Our people

We are one big family

At HEVO Group we believe that people and their talent make all the difference. Therefore, we base our daily work on the active and cohesive participation of all our employees, to achieve our shared goals. 

Without a doubt, our human team is one of the top differential values, and its role is pivotal to our success. We rely on a multidisciplinary team comprised by over 450 professionals with extensive experience in the sector. 

Our people are a top priority, which is why we invest in creating the best possible working environment, where training and opportunities for each person are extremely important. 

For this reason, at HEVO Group we maintain an equal opportunity policy, which reflects our commitment to gender equality and implement work-life balance measures to facilitate personal and family development.

In addition, we develop youth employment plans in rural areas, in order to support the communities where we are present. We also operate work inclusion policies for vulnerable collectives, as part of our investment in diversity, employability, inclusion and inequality reduction. 


professionals with extensive experience in the sector

Equality, employability, diversity, inclusion and inequality reduction policies