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The strength of unity to produce the best eggs

A unique group in Spain

Three great brands

HEVO Group arose from the union of three of our country’s main poultry companies, with an extensive history and prestige in the egg sector: Dagu, Ous Roig and Granja Agas.

A leading group

HEVO Group seeks to become a leader in the industry and spearhead the transformation that Spain’s egg-producing poultry sector is undergoing.

20 farms

A group with 20 farms, 15 for laying and 5 for rearing, located in Guadalajara, Cuenca and Tarragona, three classification and packaging centres, an ovoproduct factory and three feed factories.

70 million dozens a year

A competitive and solid group which produces over 70 million egg dozens a year.

Responsibility, quality and safety

At Hevo Group, we work each day to produce top-quality eggs, in an innovative and sustainable manner…

Our brands

We are members of: